• Andrew B

    Adam, if you’re reading this, I still never got that t-shirt I ordered in November. You said in an e-mail you would even personally deliver it to me during your move to CA. At this point, I chalk it up as just another donation I made to the cause but let it be known publicly that this was a wrong that was never righted on his end. Money was exchanged and a promised good was not delivered. -Andrew from IN

    • Andrew B

      Note that: Despite this, I agree with the article and hope the page is restored.

    • Hannah McCoy

      what a silly place to put this comment. hope u get your shirt, dude….

      • Andrew B

        Indeed. Reason being I am posting here: He never responded back to my e-mails. One of the things that is supposed to work to make a society that is “free from initiation of force, fraud, theft or coercion” is that fraud gets called out publicly. This is a place where his peers will see what kind of business he runs and how he treats people that have given him money. I donated generously to AVTM through his website and to Shield Mutual under the impression that his shotgun caper would be the next Heller v DC. I have no idea what my money was used for instead. His team blamed him and he blamed his team. It was all just a big finger-pointing drama fest.
        And I get it, he had to get out of the cage by any means necessary, etc, I’ve heard all the arguments for his actions before but his credibility has taken a HUGE hit with me. This is guy who I’ve looked up to for a bit now ever since the Jefferson Dance Party video and someone who I credit for helping “wake me up”.

  • Iconic Freedom

    i’m a huge fan of Adam’s, even contributed and got this cool hoodie!

    it is also the reality that facebook is a private entity and can therefore enforce any of it’s emotional rules when anyone gets butt hurt. unfortunate, but reality

    pushing the envelope is what created a nation…

    there will be battles lost…but it’s who wins the war on freedom that counts

    keep on, keepin on!

    • kevin777

      Is it a true “private entity” or a government proxy behind the scenes?

      • Sam Cru

        Gov’t database for facial recognition. FACEbook – a book of faces.

      • Iconic Freedom

        I’m agnostic to it at the moment. when more information is revealed, then choices can be made in the face of it.
        the integrity of a man is at stake. what he chooses to do with that is his choice, right?
        we’ll see what Adam has to offer

  • Waldetto

    I actually am only on facebook for the news from my libertarian friends, if we could make a similar platform, I would move to it! Facebook is going down in the number of subscribers, and will one day be on par with MySpace. Let’s make the next alternative be a libertarian paradise to which one of us holds the keys!

  • Hannah McCoy

    i find it hard to believe with all the smut on FB (half naked or actually naked women and other crap) that they could seriously call this “pornographic” …last time i checked, there are tons of photos on FB of children and adults naked and its considered “art”. also, im pretty sure for somethign to be considered pornographic, it has to be obvious that the intentions and context of it are sexual, or designed to be sexually arousing….otherwise, every single photo of a naked anyone in any museum or art show would be “porn” this is so stupid and obviouse that it is censoring and biased. adam should fight it using many other FB pages displaying worse shit…like, for example, ANY person’s FB page who supports obama, and then had any pictures showing a child or adult in a “pornographic way” i.e…art. if this photo had been in national geographic it wouldnt have been called “pornographic”. good luck adam this is bullshit and we all know it.

  • Mark Malone

    It’s time someone make a FB substitute that is not politically monitored.