Mark Dice Banned from YouTube

Why Was Mark Dice Banned from YouTube?

Mark Dice is best known for making entertaining man on the street videos, exposing the ignorance of the American public. Whether he’s giving away Fukushima bottled water with a radioactive warning label, or petitioning to repeal the third amendment, the videos are always thought provoking and entertaining.

Mark Dice Banned from YouTube

Mark Dice Banned from YouTube

Mark never uses profanity. He never advocates violence. He never uses any copyrighted material. To the best of our knowledge, he hasn’t violated any of YouTube’s terms of service.

Today, his channel, which had over 60,000,000 views, and was consistently getting over 3,000,000 views per month, was deleted anyway. On a backup channel that he has created, Mark released the following statement. UPDATE 03/23/2014 2:21am EST: The backup channel, and the video I had originally embedded in this post have also been deleted.

For the latest updates, follow Mark on Facebook and Twitter

I’ve reached out to Mark requesting an interview, I’ll post it here if he responds.

This is a serious problem, ladies and gentlemen. Libertarians will correctly point out that YouTube has the right to do as it sees fit with content, but that doesn’t change the severity of the problem. I have repeatedly posted about myself and others being banned from Facebook for no good reason. I have had videos deleted by YouTube for trolling the NSA. Google has openly admitted to manipulating search results.

We know that these companies are in bed with the US Federal Government. We know that the US Federal Government has actively sought out ways to manipulate public opinion on these outlets. Since Mark doesn’t use profanity, or promote violence, or hate speech, this can only mean that YouTube deleted the channel for one of three reasons.

  1. Private sector anti-freedom trolls making false reports
  2. Government social media trolls making false reports
  3. Direct government intervention, propaganda agents demanding YouTube remove the content.

In any of these cases, or whatever other theory you may have, it is a major blow to peaceful efforts to spread a message. Everyone talks about how the Internet and social media have changed the balance of power, how anybody can now become a citizen journalist and get a message out there. This is slowly starting to change as corporations that are way too cozy with government commit completely unexplained acts of censorship against said journalists. Getting Mark Dice banned from YouTube is just the latest in a long series of issues like this, and as time goes forward, matters are likely to only get worse.

We need to create, find, and promote, more open source, peer to peer type communications solutions if we’re going to avoid the internet becoming every bit as controlled as cable TV news.

UPDATE 03/23/2014 5:04pm EST: Mark’s YouTube Channel has been restored


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  • SamuelAdams1776

    Man they always control every type of business. Look at the big three automakers and what they did to Preston Tucker. Guy was ahead of his time in automotive innovation and government shut his ass down. Fascism reigns supreme. Government did the same with American motors. You should watch Tucker The man and his dream. Hell of a movie and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

  • Sandy Hook is a LIE

    Good. One less controlled opposition stooge out there.

  • jwhitehawke

    This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.

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  • Gman Iv

    i had a growing channel making daily videos on Govt corruption and the like, Google out of the blue took away my adsense and stole all the money that was in there, they claimed i have “possible” mis-click violations, not even proof anything was done wrong but just the possibility of it, so after that i fig screw it, why even bother.

    • Jack W

      That’s awful, you could have fought it and publicized the atrocity. It would have been a noble pursuit for the last free market we have, the internet. I’m never giving up with my internet activism.

  • Austin Petersen

    Absolutely right. We, the liberty movement, need to be building networks and properties that are owned privately by us, and not by third parties that don’t have our best interests at heart.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    This is my primary issue with Anarchism versus Minarchism. It seems this is *exactly* the kind of shit you’d fully expect to wind up with in an Anarchist system.

    Just like that scene in the Godfather where the guy is begging Don Corleone to grant him justice for his daughter, here you are begging Youtube and Facebook for justice while they’re entitled to do whatever the fuck they want. How is Facebook predictably responding to popular PC opinions all that different from the current situation where you’re stuck petitioning a popularly elected government for a redress of grievances?

    At least with the Bill of Rights, (for what it’s worth), you have a stated policy that you can clearly see is being violated by government itself. That’s a philosophy that can at least be discussed meaningfully – what the rights of individuals *should* be.
    ie. The population trying to design and institute an ideal “mob”, that stays out of everyone’s business as much as possible, (knowing that ideal will likely never be achieved).

    So in a world where the Corleones are the dominant force you’re a least a shareholder in thier business and he is the Don Corleone is only the CEO and can be fired. That’s still not ideal – but at least it’s *something*.

    I mean how is that different to if Shield Mutual becoming some market dominant Anarchist enforcement agency? People are still fucking idiots. They’re still going to propagandise, (otherwise known as advertising), and people will still “vote with their dollars” for an organisation that isn’t perfect. So if you’re the only one who can see that or is adversely affected by it, you’re still just as fucked and wind up begging on their doorstep to please see reason in your case. No different to you begging a bank to take a second look at your credit history and them not giving a fuck. Could be a computer error. Could be a fat-fingered employee. Could be your ex-wife or an identity thief intentionally fucking your credit. They don’t really *have to* give a shit about you if 99% of their customers are happy.

    You guys can’t seem to stay consistent about this either. When it suits you to ban someone from your own channel you proclaim that absolute right, but when it comes to private companies you talk of their collusion with the government as some kind of justification of why they shouldn’t have the same right. Well if Youtube didn’t collude with the government, still held the dominant position, and then still banned your channel what then? Are you suddenly okay with that? What kind of interaction is Wal-Mart allowed with government where that doesn’t apply or you guys wont spin some kind of Alex Jones conspiracy over it and declare them “unclean”?

    As if to give me a perfect example of this kind of inconsistency, Mark Dice bizarrely tries to cite the Bill of Rights in relation to an employment contract – ironically a relationship you should by default be able to end for any reason at the drop of a hat, unless otherwise specified. What fucking weaksauce bullshit. It’s like when a bunch of Anarchists get into a dispute and start calling each other “statist”. Fucking pathetic cult-speak nonsense.

    As for decentralised peer-to-peer social networking – hey I’m all for that. But you obviously don’t need to change the government system to do that, no more than Bitcoin relies on that, or Superman *has to* pay taxes and sit by while government satellites spy on him. Those are ideal scenarios where freedom is the natural default, where you don’t need to institute any non-ideal half-measures anyway. Like if we were all indestructible, then the gun rights issue is moot, yet in the real world the Second Amendment isn’t a bad substitute precisely because we’re not all indestructible. If we get to that point will some things, then great. Wonderful. Let Anarchy reign, (because those who don’t like it have no choice anyway).

    So I’m sympathetic to Anarchism and I’m all for more private contracts, and choice on third parties to enforce those contracts, but I also think there is a utilitarian, (non-idealisitic), scope to this debate, where the fact y’all are stuck on a contiguous land area that you can’t easily just up and leave creates a good argument for some form of minimal government.

    Furthermore, the Founding Fathers didn’t seem to have any delusions about all this shit. They figured you’d have to constantly fight, and sometimes overthrow systemically corrupt government. You guys act like that’s not the case. Pretty easy to be an idealist when you’re pointing out what doesn’t work, quite another when you’re dealing with real shit in the real world.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Oh, dude, you’re totally right. All this anarchy sucks. If only we had a government to help us right now.

      • IRONMANAustralia

        That was the gayest most faggoty thought-stopping cliched response I’ve ever seen. Makes you sound like a total fucking moron. Why not try to actually address some of my points you lame idealistic fuck?

        • Chris

          Your comment was too long after starting out with that kind of silliness for me to take seriously enough to read.

        • jeff4justice

          Says the expert on all things faggoty riiiiiiiiiight ; )

          • IRONMANAustralia

            Oh good, someone to come suck Cantwell’s dick for him so he can feel like he’s winning without anyone actually going to the trouble of responding with an argument. What took you so long?

          • jeff4justice

            Work out those gay fantasies. No hetero. Chris has not replied to some of my comments too at times if it’s any consolation. I have no blind allegiance to any public figure. He’s a big boy who doesn’t need my help. I was just giving you some of that gay attention you’re apparently craving.

          • IRONMANAustralia

            He can reply or not reply to whatever or whomever the fuck he wants. But one would hope that when he does, he’d say something that relates meaningfully to what was actually said, not just mindlessly denounce it because it doesn’t fit into his own little Anarchist echo chamber.

          • jeff4justice

            I would thank you for that brilliant insight on insightful discourse but… you know, that was the gayest most faggoty thought-stopping cliched response I’ve ever seen. No hetero. And I’m sure he appreciates your permission to reply or not. Challenge him to a debate, duel, or gay sex or whatever you need to feel satisfied.

    • Irrational

      I am an anarchist leaning minarchist (of sorts) and I found lots of good points in your rant.
      Human nature is hard to tame. Maybe that is why the bad parts of it have to be both controlled and legitimized using some sort of State.
      Thinking of it gives me cognitive dissonance…

  • Poorlaggedman

    They deleted his backup channel

  • MrVideo Knight

    Mark Dice violates the terms of service and once terminated you are not allowed to use another account. He deserves this totally. He is spamming and name calling people(basically bullying)

    • Jazz OZ Hamilton

      How long you been working at Google/Youtube, MrVideo?

  • Michelle Ma Belle

    if youtube isnt free speech a channel can be made that is free run by free thinkers

  • John Fah-q Smith

    Communists sensor the truth…
    It butt-hurts the ignorant too much.

  • John Galt

    Anyone who censors free speech is a tremendous asshole whether the state is involved or not.

  • Kristi Segovia

    if you use youtube or Google…you’re supporting the socialistcrats…who FEAR the TRUTH!

  • Kristi Segovia

    Mark can always use a faux name…just like the Obamatrons do! And if you want to really fight back…START REPORTING/FLAGGING EVERY SOCIALISTCRAT’S VIDEO/PAGE!!! On Facebook, start reporting EVERY socialistcrat’s post. On Twitter, start BLOCKING every socialistcrat! FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE….or expect to get BURNED!!!

    • Christoph Dollis

      Well yeah, he could, but then he gives up 265,000 subscribers (and his livelihood).

      Further, the NSA knows who he is online, and if it was government agents that pressured YouTube, they can do so with the new identity too.

      Further, if and when the new identity gets big and popular, it could also be shut down, stymieing him.

      Finally, his videos feature him in the flesh talking to people, so how would that work exactly?

  • Ather

    That is the desire. Turn the Net into cable TV. And this is our future. because whil everybody’s fighting over the black man int he white house, the real enemy, The Corporations, are taking over. Remember, they’re people now. a sin We The People. How long until humans are not people?

    But hey. Keep laughing in my face. Keep voting in The Tea Party. Just remember, you waive the right to complain when you lose your precious “democracy.”