Comparing Obama To Hitler Can Get You Banned from Facebook

Today I got the all too familiar “You must log in” message from Facebook again. Since my primary account is already banned from posting presently, I was very interested to find out what was the problem this time.

Another admin on one of the Statism is Slavery Facebook page, which I’m a content creator on, shared an image from another page comparing Obama to Hitler. Specifically, an image of Hitler with text saying “If you like your Jews you can keep your Jews”, an obvious shot at Obama’s “Keep your health care plan” broken promise on Obamacare.

The post got reported, and apparently made it through some preliminary screening for removal, because we don’t get logged out just for being reported once. That happens all the time. So far, page admins have been given an option to remove the post. I’m not going to do it. Where it goes from here remains to be seen.



UPDATE: 1:24am EST

Facebook has officially removed the image.


  • T.J.

    This article is Jewish guy approved… Carry on

  • Jeff Mowery

    Way alienate your supporters! I saw this and said I didnt care for it but I never reported anyone. Make all the comparisons you want bu leave the holocost out of it. So now that I know that you are insensitive to the holocost I will unlike Statism and you. Thanks for letting me know you are an asshole. PEACE!

    • Dave Wodensson

      Quit being a whinny little over sensitive bitch.

      • Jeff Mowery

        Really? I dont get an opinion because in doesnt fall in line with yours? blow me internet tough guy! Does your mommy and daddy know that you are on their puter? Fuckin douche. punk ass internet shit talker. nice hair…bitch.

        • Michael Shanklin

          dude, the meme is a joke… you are overblowing the whole thing…

        • George Golbergenstein

          Oy vey, goy, you are right! We shouldn’t let some goyim like these dishonor the 12 gajillion with their maymays!

        • Dave Wodensson

          What a true vulgarian. Your comeback is like something out of an Oscar Wilde novel. Not to worry Jeffery, I’ll break you in but then you have to be my dogs bitch. Human paraquat celibate douche nozzle. Would you like me to FedEx you a box of tissue to wipe away your tears and maybe some Tucks to soothe the butthurt.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Way to whine like a bitch on the internet. Now that I know you are insensitive to modern tyranny, you can go fuck your mother with a curling iron.

      • Jeff Mowery

        typcal douchebag response. Sorry I thought my opinion would be met with some level of maturity but I see the level of tolerance you have for that. I thought you were at least above the age of 12. I guess only those who share your opinion are welcome so I’ll bow out. Peace. Dont think I wont spread your dick headded response. I know some people that support you as I did and they need to know what a fucktard you are… and hey tough guy… ever in St louis look me up.. I’ll be happy to respond to you remarks about my mother. I love an asshole hiding behind a keyboard. PEACE!

        • SamuelAdams1776

          Isnt that what your doing.

        • JR Ridings

          I bet you still have your “obamao/biden” bumpersticker on your prius…

        • Dave Wodensson

          Girl dont go away mad. Girl, just go away.

        • Undead Rufus

          Dude, you showed up here being hostile and insulting from the get-go, and you’ve stayed that way. I don’t think you’re qualified to lament anyone’s perceived lack of maturity.

      • SamuelAdams1776

        Yeah well you will never convince liberals to change their opinions. You can point shit out to them and shove their fallacies down their cock suckers but youll get nowhere. Theyre the trendies in tight pants… well tight everywhere except the crotch area. The males sit when they piss and the females stand. They admit that theyre authoritarians so you cant point that out to them. They are the all knowing control freak scat cunts who believe they are smarter than every one else and have the mental chops to socially engineer society. They are chicken shit bullies who use government to force their will on everyone. Do society a favor and blast a liberal right in the face today and show these pieces of shit how real men and women handle their business. Im a guys guy and one of my pet peeves is a scrawny little pansy in trendy black glasses with a pubic beard telling me I cant own a piece of hardware. I hope both the males and females get raped in every orifice in a gun free zone. Fuck em all!

    • Erich Pierce

      The point of the post wasn’t to be insensitive to the holocaust. It was to point out that if things don’t change in this country, we’ll face the same type of atrocity here.

      • JR Ridings

        Not just that…democrats are historically anti-jew and even more anti-isreal…juat look at Obamao and Kerry’s dealings with Isreal (including making nethanyahu exit the white house out the back door for the photo op next to the trash)…many many many democrats have openly made anti-jew comments….(jesse jackson…charlie rangel…christopher dodd…not to mention Bidens openly anti-jew comments)…..

    • Marcus Wallace

      Actually, If you study history a little, there are distinct similarities to the rise of Hitler in the 30′s and the current state of affairs in our country. An excellent book to read on the subject is the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer. However insensitive this may be to someone, it does have some merit. I tend to stay away from Hitler references myself because so many people automatically dismiss your argument due to their ignorance of history and the tendency for humans to repeat it.

    • Sean Davis

      Well, in the interest of fairness and disclosure, Chris does say in the header to this site that he is an anarchist, atheist, and ASSHOLE. So, why would you be shocked? It’s not like he wasn’t up front about it, lol.

  • Kerry Schultz

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like duck!!!

  • John McMorrow Jr.

    Please leave America if you hate your country this much. Sincerely, Normal People.

    • Michael Shanklin

      If normal people point guns at other peaceful people… then I don’t want to be “normal”…. “normal” is what everyone is forced to do in North Korea. Fuck your communism

    • illuminarch

      If you hate freedom so much, go back to Beantown and let the cops warantlessly ransack your home with automatic rifles pointed in your face, you bootlicking pussy.

  • Silver Fang

    Facebook should let people have their freedom of expression.

  • Bobby

    Another Jewish dude here. There is nothing at all offensive about this and the comparison is valid. Carry on.

  • mememememem

    actually i was put off by this since i dont keep up with every political fart in the political universe, or every meme of yours either, so if obama said something like ” if you want your healthcare you can keep your healthcare” then you should have probably made a meme with a split to the comparison next to it. Without that it seemed odd. maybe just repost it with something a little more obvious without being crass or sassy about reposting it. ya know, just saying : ) have fun play nice !

    • Sean Davis

      Playing nice with the fascists in our government will get us nowhere but in a work camp with a sign reading “Work will set you free.”

  • Sean Davis

    Nothing like the fucking thought police. I think I’m going to post that pic to my FB wall. If I get banned then fuck trying to get back into FascistBook. I’ve only stayed on FB because too many of my friends and family use it.

  • Sean Davis

    I’m going to post that pic to my Fascistbook wall. If I get banned then so be it. The only reason I still have an account there is because I have too many friends and family who use it.

  • Rob Blair

    fuck o’hitler hows that

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