If You Criticize Communist Murderers, You Can Be Banned from Facebook

I’m an admin on the Statism is Slavery Facebook page. Today I was met with a warning, which I was certain pertained to my “What happens when you confront internet tough guys” post. It turned out to be something completely unrelated, someone posted the following image to the Statism is Slavery page, and Facebook removed it.

removedcheNow, I suppose it’s possible that the Moroccan moderators of facebook really just don’t understand language. Perhaps they thought we were actually advocating that you hate blacks and murder gay people. But I’m certain that the leftist scumbag who reported it knew exactly what he was doing.

Che Guevara was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. He was an outspoken racist and homophobe. None of this seems to prevent leftists from looking to him as some sort of deity.

Because leftists, even the ones who pretend to be anarchists, don’t have any problem with racism, homophobia, or violence. They just want to push their lunatic agenda, and silence anyone who challenges it.

This happens entirely too often on Facebook. Liberals openly advocate aggression, public and private sector, against decent people, and nobody even bothers to report it. If it is reported, nothing is done.

But, criticize a communist revolutionary who killed scores by his own hand, many more under his orders, and countless thousands during his revolution, well, that’s a big problem. We can’t be having that on Facebook.

unpublishNo thanks Facebook, I don’t want to unpublish anything. You’ve unpublished quite enough without our permission. Eventually, we’ll just stop providing you with content, as you fade into the dustbin of history.


  • Keith Houston

    This is not the only page that has been attacked by the zombies of the left, nor will it be the last. My own page has seen my newsfeed blanked out for several days, on a few occasions in order to prevent me from communicating and posting. I see it as badge of honor when I can make some little pathetic liberal run and cry lol

  • Joseph Gregg

    Many pages blaming men for things are still standing Facebook. Make a comment they don’t like on those pages? Facebook threats and attacks that are backed up on Facebook.

  • Andrew Roper

    I too was blocked by leftests in facebook corporate. cowards

  • Dylan McInnis

    liberals do not do as you claim. do not confuse the definition of what a liberal is. liberals are pretty much libertarians for those of you confused. those progressive democrat types that call themselves liberal? they’re statist.

    • Panors77

      Statist and communist.

  • Sardar Jaiveer Singh Sidhu

    in india there , 80% of supporters of communist parties r illiterate !!

  • Abigail Rosse

    Your page is for individual expression of what we want to say and we are heard when its liked . No One has the right to sensor , if people don’t like what they read why are they there …simple ! Everyone is different yet we unite l think facebook should get of there high horse and stop intervening even though l don’t personally share others thoughts !

  • Ashley Rae Boedeker

    Not really seeing the connection that leftists not having a problem with homophobia, racism, or violence.

  • Isaac Murray

    I understand the outrage. However, you are forgetting that Facebook is not the government. Speaking out on Facebook is not like gathering a protest in a public park; it’s like handing out leaflets at the mall. Just like the mall can tell you to leave for any reason; Facebook can unpublish anything you post. I know you call it “your” page and it may feel that way, but make no mistake, everything you post belongs to Facebook and they can do what they like with it. Why do you think the service is “free”?

  • javanaut

    For Mr. Zuckerberg: “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil” (Ex. 23:2) If it’s right it’s right even if everyone opposes it. And vice versa. “Community standards” be damned.

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  • Dennis New

    I strongly support the suggestion offerred at the very end. (That’s what I did, after seeing my groups deleted, and posts removed for similar, albeit not exactly the same reasons.)

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